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Lee's Summit Child Support Modification Lawyer

For many families, the initial court orders concerning child custody and child support are hardly the final word in a divorce. Whether one or both parents' circumstances change, or the needs of the children involved change, it is frequently necessary to revisit the terms of an order months or even years later.

While requests for a modification have the potential to reopen old wounds and reignite hostilities between parents, the right legal representation can ensure that you maintain your essential rights as a parent, regardless of whether or not you are the one seeking a modification. As an experienced family law attorney who has helped many people both obtain and defend against modifications, I know these proceedings can be even more difficult than the initial divorce cases. I am committed to taking the time necessary to ensure that you and your children are well-off for the long term, not simply putting a band-aid on a wound that will be reopened at some point in the future.

I have helped many people who attempted to handle their divorces by themselves, only to discover later that important matters were not resolved and now require the assistance of a lawyer. I cannot guarantee results in a particular case, but I guarantee I will do everything possible to improve your situation.

My Goal: Parenting Plans That Work For The Long Term

In cases where one parent wants a modification of a parenting plan — regardless of whether or not the other parent approves — the most important factor is the well-being of the children.

I have helped parents obtain sole custody when the other parent has literally disappeared from a child's life, as well as parents who mutually agree that an existing plan is simply not working. Parents often must reconsider what it means to have "custody" or "visitation rights" of their children. My goal is to help my clients see that it is possible to be an active part of their children's lives and do what is best for them, even if it does not fit into my clients' preconceived notions of what it means to have custody of their children.

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I offer competitive hourly rates and can develop a legal strategy that is efficient without compromising the representation you need. I encourage you to contact me, Lee's Summit child support modification attorney Debra Knapp, for a confidential consultation. Send an email or call 816-317-4625.

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