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Lee's Summit Fathers' Rights Lawyer

You are happy and willing to provide for your children. You want to be an active part of their lives. You just want the ability to spend time with them and know that your most essential rights as a parent are secure.

The family court systems in both Missouri and Kansas can seem to favor mothers. Sometimes, even the most well-meaning dads can be treated like little more than the source of the next child support check. Fortunately, there is experienced legal help to ensure that you are treated fairly in the legal system.

Custody Help For Dads In Kansas And Missouri

I am a family law attorney who believes that fathers who want to play a role in their children's lives — fathers who want to be dads — need and deserve an advocate who knows the complexities of family law and is ready to be aggressive so that my clients can do right by their kids.

Clients who meet with me regarding their rights as a father can expect that I will discuss with them in depth what their priorities are heading into a divorce. For clients who are unmarried to the mother of their children, I can assist them through every step of a paternity action.

As your lawyer, I will always be on your side, and always seek to do what is best for your children. "What is best" doesn't always mean a 50-50 custody split, and my clients do often have child support obligations. My goal is to maximize what my clients get in a divorce or paternity action, and create long-term parenting plans that are workable in real life.

Contact The Law Office Of Debra Knapp | Representing Clients In Missouri And Kansas

I offer competitive hourly rates and can develop a legal strategy that is efficient without compromising the representation you need. I encourage you to contact me, Lee's Summit fathers' rights attorney, for a confidential consultation. Send an email or call 816-317-4625.

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