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Lee's Summit Divorce Attorney

Divorce is more than a legal process. It is a time of transition for yourself, your spouse and your children. It can be an intensely emotional time, which is why it is important to have a lawyer by your side who will always pursue one goal: Protecting your rights, especially those as a parent.

I am attorney Debra Knapp, and my family law practice is built on the belief that it is possible — in fact, preferable — to take an assertive approach in divorce cases but nevertheless pursue an amicable resolution that leaves everyone as intact as possible. I know this because I have experienced the difficulties of divorce firsthand. This is part of the reason I am committed to providing the highest quality counsel when my clients must confront the challenges of a legal separation.

I know from experience that many clients only seek legal help once they are in bitter conflict with their spouses. I offer a no-cost, confidential consultation so you can gain a better sense of what your legal needs are, and how I can help you, while you still have time to preserve your rights. Call 816-317-4625.

Your Case Is Unique. You Deserve Personalized Representation.

Many divorces involve some or all of the following contested issues:

  • Division of marital assets, including real property, bank accounts and investments
  • Division of debts
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child custody
  • Child support

At the same time, your divorce will require a legal strategy tailored to your circumstances: whether or not you have children, your balance of assets and debts, and how aggressive your spouse and his or her counsel are being. My clients value that I am 100 percent committed to fighting for their position, but realize this does not always require scorched earth tactics that can leave families broken for years down the road.

I do take cases to court and aggressively litigate them when necessary, but I also frequently use negotiation to settle divorces in a manner that is agreeable to my clients and their spouses. This is especially important when they have children, and maintaining amicable ties is a priority.

Contact The Law Office Of Debra Knapp | Representing Clients In Missouri And Kansas

I offer competitive hourly rates and can develop a legal strategy that is efficient without compromising the representation you need. I encourage you to contact me, Lee's Summit divorce lawyer Debra Knapp, for a confidential consultation. Send an email or call 816-317-4625.

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